Snapshot for success: Indonesian exporters have one chance to make a good first impression. They have to use this chance to show what they are selling. Indonesian exporters should develop a web site and have an email address that will allow them to easily provide information. If they do not show in such an immediate and concrete fashion what they are ready to export, the buyer may lose interest.

At this stage, exporters must find the best methods of delivering and distributing their goods or services. This is referred to as developing a market entry strategy.

There are four main ways for Indonesian products and services to enter into the Canadian market:

  • Direct exports: Manufacturer or service provider exports directly to a buyer in Canada
  • Indirect exports: Manufacturer or service provider sells to an intermediary in Indonesia who handles the export transaction
  • Incorporating the business in Canada
  • Setting up a subsidiary in Canada

New Indonesian exporters to Canada will most likely begin exporting either directly or indirectly. This guide will focus on those two modes of entry. For more information on incorporating a business in Canada, please visit Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada: Corporations Canada (