Long before an Indonesian exporter fills its first Canadian order, it will need an export marketing strategy to plan out how to reach the Canadian market.

The Five “Ps” of Marketing in Canada

Indonesian exporters to Canada must consider the following questions when developing their Marketing Strategy:

  • Product (or Service): What is the product or service and how must it be adapted to the Canadian market?
  • Price: What is the pricing strategy to be used?
  • Promotion: How is it possible to make Canadian customers aware of the product or service?
  • Place: How and where is it possible to deliver or distribute the product or service?
  • People: Are the necessary staff and appropriate partners in place to be successful in the Canadian market?

The diagram below can be summarized as the five “Ps” to identify the key factors to be considered in a marketing strategy: Product (or Service), Price, Place, Promotion and People. All of these considerations should be included in the Export Plan of the Indonesian exporting firm.

How to Keep a Good Relationship with a Canadian Buyer

The following require priority attention:

  • Rapid turnaround in sample production
  • Same-day reply (by email, fax, or telephone) to every communication
  • On-time deliveries, with any delays agreed to in advance with the buyer
  • Delivery of product which corresponds precisely with agreed-to specifications or samples
  • Continuity of supply
  • Maintenance of high quality at a competitive price
  • Appropriate packaging material for overseas shipments
  • Adequate handling and storage facilities
  • Knowledge of payment terms