The Canada–Indonesia Trade and Private-Sector Assistance (TPSA) project is a five-year, CAD $12 million initiative funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada. The goal of TPSA is to support sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in Indonesia through increased trade and trade-enabling investment between Indonesia and Canada. To achieve its goal, TPSA trains Indonesian government officials to improve trade and investment with Canada and supports Indonesian SMEs who want to export to Canada.

TPSA Activities

TPSA project activities are organized around five components that are vital to improving Indonesia’s international trade performance:

  • Trade Facilitation
  • Investment Promotion
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Gender Equality
  • Environmental Sustainability

Our Stakeholders

TPSA works with a wide range of stakeholders, including Indonesian SMEs in target industries, Indonesian government departments and ministries (i.e., Bappenas, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, and other departments related to the targeted industries), business associations, universities, and the private sector.

Our Partner

TPSA is partners with the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. The Ministry of Trade is responsible for developing and implementing both domestic and international trade policy.

Executing Agency

The Conference Board of Canada is the foremost independent, evidence-based, not-for-profit applied research organization in Canada. It is dedicated to building a better future for Canadians by making our economy and society more dynamic and competitive.