Workshop in Bandung Helps Bridge the Gap Between Women-Owned SMEs and Capital Providers

TPSA, in partnership with the Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN), held a one-day workshop in Bandung to help bridge the gap between women-owned SMEs and lenders/investors. The event provided relevant information to women entrepreneurs about various types of financial products and services currently offered by funding sources. The event was also an opportunity for government and the private sector to hear directly from the women owners of SMES about what they need financially to improve their businesses. Learn more at


Canadian Buyers Visit Indonesian Coffee Growers in Aceh

The TPSA project organized a coffee buyer mission to Gayo Highland in Aceh Province for three Canadian buyers from November 15–20, 2018. The buyers visited five TPSA coffee producers in Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah districts. The Gayo Highland region is the largest Arabica coffee producing region in Indonesia and has been one of the most highly demanded coffee in Canada and the United States. Learn more at

Canadian Buyer Visits TPSA’s Indonesian Apparel SMEs

During the August 2018 Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC) trade show, the four Indonesian apparel SMEs supported by TPSA (Bule-Bule, Tiga Selaras Bersama, Unique, and World KNK) met potential buyers who expressed interest in pursuing business opportunities. The first buyer to participate in a mission to Indonesia was Fashion Priests. Fashion Priests had already started the process of quoting and developing samples with Unique and Bule-Bule. They also had the opportunity to meet with World KNK and Tiga Seleras Bersama while in Indonesia to discuss business prospects. Learn more at