TPSA Offers Product Development Assistance to Target Footwear SMEs

TPSA’s five Indonesian footwear SMEs are developing new products in advance of their participation in the upcoming MAGIC trade show in February 2018. The two product development activities that the SMEs will undertake are producing waterproof footwear samples and introducing computer designing and cutting processes. Technical assistance will be provided to educate the SMEs on sourcing waterproof materials and designing and developing waterproof footwear that is in high demand not only in Canada, but worldwide. Read more at

TPSA Coffee Buyer Missions to Gayo Highland in Aceh Province


The Canada–Indonesia Trade and Private Sector Assistance Project (TPSA) project successfully organized two coffee buyer missions in August and November 2017. Six buyers from Canada participated in a mission to the Bener Meriah and Aceh Tengah districts of Aceh province, Indonesia, to visit five TPSA-selected coffee producers. Read more at

Research Report: Public–Private Consultation for Free Trade Agreement Negotiations in Canada and Indonesia

A consultation mechanism between government and the private sector, generally known as public- private consultation (PPC), needs to be established and maintained in order to ensure that business interests are brought to the free trade agreement (FTA) negotiating table. The Canadian private sector generally feels that the current PPC instruments have been successful in addressing the objectives of PPC for FTA negotiations and implementation. Indonesia, on the other hand, has only limited PPC for FTA negotiations. This report contributes to a better understanding of the PPC mechanisms in Canada and Indonesia. Read the report at

Research Report: Strengthening Indonesia’s Exports of Fish and Processed Fish Products to Canada

Indonesia’s fish and processed fish products have untapped potential in overseas markets, including Canada. This report has identified 12 Indonesian fish and processed fish products that are either well-positioned to increase their Canadian market share, or could potentially succeed in the Canadian market but have not been pursued. Read the report at

Research Report: An Analysis of the Global Value Chain for Indonesian Coffee Exports

TPSA released a new research report on January 30, 2018, which examines Indonesia’s participation in the global value chain (GVC) for coffee. Coffee is one of the most highly tradeable commodities in the world, and Indonesia is a prominent player in the global market. Indonesia has significant opportunities to expand its footprint in the global coffee market, especially if it can address the barriers that inhibit success for firms along the coffee value chain.

The Research Report, An Analysis of the Global Value Chain for Indonesian Coffee Exports, can be viewed here:

Activity Brief: TPSA Helps Indonesian Apparel Companies Develop Their Product Lines to Appeal to the North American Market

After a successful showing at the SOURCING at MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas in August  2017, Indonesian apparel SMEs turned their attention to developing their product lines, based on feedback received from buyers and other business-to-business meetings. Read the Activity Brief at