Activity Brief: TPSA Project Promotes Indonesian Coffee Producers

Indonesian coffee producers had the opportunity in April 2018 to promote their specialty products to potential buyers, importers, and roasters from Canada and the United States. Five Indonesian coffee producers received support from the TPSA project to attend the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle from April 19 to 23, the largest specialty coffee exhibition in the world. In Vancouver on April 24 and 25, the Indonesian producers attended a coffee promotion event, Indonesian Specialty Coffee: From Farm to Cup, and took part in a warehouse tour. Learn more at:

Activity Brief: TPSA Provides Capacity-Building to Speed Up Implementation of the Bali Agreement on Trade Facilitation

TPSA organized a two-day introductory workshop on the WTO trade facilitation agreement (TFA) and measures to initiate a dialogue on Indonesia’s upcoming challenges and opportunities in implementing the TFA. Indonesian public- and private-sector representatives discussed the role of the private sector in trade facilitation reforms and implementation. Learn more at: