TPSA Releases a Guide to Developing an Investment Promotion Strategy

The prime function of a national investment promotion agency is to develop and implement an effective investment promotion strategy. In order to do that, the agency requires a clear and comprehensive understanding of both the national and international policy contexts and how these affect the country’s potential to attract the desired quality and quantity of foreign direct investment, as set by policy. It also requires the identification of key sectors to target for inward investment.

This guide outlines the 10 key components of an effective investment promotion strategy. Learn more at

TPSA Releases a Guide to Attending and Benefiting from International Trade Shows

To get the most from attending a trade show, you need to do your homework and have a detailed strategy. This guide provides important information to help you plan and prepare for international trade show, and help you answer the following questions:

  • Is your company ready to attend an international trade show?
  • What type of trade show should you attend?
  • What are the costs and benefits of attending the trade show?
  • Who from your company should attend the trade show?
  • What should your booth look like?
  • What kind of marketing materials are needed?
  • How should you communicate with contacts made at the show?

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TPSA Releases Indonesia Gender and Trade Study

TPSA launches the report of its year-long gender and trade study today at the Hotel Le Meridien in Jakarta. The report, Opening the World of Trade to Women: How Gender Affects Trade Benefits for Indonesian SMEs provides an analysis of business-related and gender-based challenges faced by Indonesian women-owned SMEs in running their businesses and in exporting. It offers recommendations to Indonesian government, business associations, and cooperatives to help ensure that women-owned SMEs can participate effectively in domestic and international trade and benefit equitably with men from the opportunities created by trade.

Read the full report at

TPSA Project Provides Indonesian Testing Labs with an Introduction to Canadian Requirements for Apparel and Footwear Products

To increase footwear and apparel exports to Canada, Indonesian testing labs must ensure that their testing procedures meet Canadian regulatory standards in order to increase footwear and apparel exports to Canada. To help Indonesian footwear and apparel products enter the Canadian market, TPSA organized a program of technical assistance for Indonesian testing labs that evaluate footwear and apparel products for export to Canada. The labs participating in this training gained a firm appreciation and understanding of Canadian requirements through theoretical and hands-on exercises. Learn more at

Activity Brief: TPSA Project Conducts a Training Workshop on Strengthening BKPM’s Foreign Direct Investment Attraction Strategy

Adopting and implementing a proactive investment promotion plan is key to attracting foreign direct investment. The TPSA Project conducted a training workship in May 2018 with officials from BKPM, the government of Indonesia’s investment agency, on developing a business development plan for proactive investment promotion. Learn more at

Activity Brief: Internship Focuses on Canada’s Support System for Women’s Entrepreneurship and Recommendations for Indonesia

TPSA collaborated with the Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN), Indonesia’s first and largest network of its kind, to host Ms. Valencia Dea at The Conference Board of Canada offices in Ottawa between March and May 2018. Ms. Dea undertook a study examining the state of women’s entrepreneurship in Canada and Indonesia. Her study identified Canadian policies, regulations, and programs that support and promote women’s entrepreneurship that could be applicable to Indonesia. Learn more at

Activity Brief: Implementing SCORE Cleaner Production in Apparel and Footwear Firms: Progress to Date 

The TPSA project has been helping some of Indonesia’s apparel and footwear small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) improve their capacity to export their products to Canada. This activity brief reports on step 10, the final workshop where participating SMEs demonstrated their progress, shared implementation successes and challenges, and learned from one another’s experiences.

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Activity Brief: TPSA Project Launched Cleaner Production and Sustainable Fashion Campaign on Fashion Revolution Day 

TPSA conducted a campaign day on April 24, 2018, which was designated as a world “Fashion Revolution Day.” TPSA’s public campaign to advocate for environmentally friendly apparel and footwear industries was held in the Bandung Creative Hub building, in collaboration with the Business Export Development Organization (BEDO). Increased awareness of the importance of cleaner production and sustainable fashion by SMEs and the public will help Indonesia promote greener apparel and footwear industries.

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Activity Brief: TPSA Project Promotes Indonesian Coffee Producers

Indonesian coffee producers had the opportunity in April 2018 to promote their specialty products to potential buyers, importers, and roasters from Canada and the United States. Five Indonesian coffee producers received support from the TPSA project to attend the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle from April 19 to 23, the largest specialty coffee exhibition in the world. In Vancouver on April 24 and 25, the Indonesian producers attended a coffee promotion event, Indonesian Specialty Coffee: From Farm to Cup, and took part in a warehouse tour. Learn more at:

Activity Brief: TPSA Provides Capacity-Building to Speed Up Implementation of the Bali Agreement on Trade Facilitation

TPSA organized a two-day introductory workshop on the WTO trade facilitation agreement (TFA) and measures to initiate a dialogue on Indonesia’s upcoming challenges and opportunities in implementing the TFA. Indonesian public- and private-sector representatives discussed the role of the private sector in trade facilitation reforms and implementation. Learn more at: